Comic 9 - Initiative
15th Feb 2021, 8:00 AM in Beach cleanup
Transcript Panel 1.
Ernst and the kids overlook the whole beach.
There are masks all over, and in the sea. In the distance, the mainland can be seen.
Ernst: They seem to be washing up from the mainland.
Jamie: People there must be dumping them after use.

Panel 2.
Ernst: So here's what we do. I'll put out a call for volunteers.

Panel 3.
Ernst: Then tomorrow at low tide, we get together and-
George: Walk over to the mainland to tell them what's what?
Ernst: No.

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
It is indeed possible to walk over to the mainland at low tide, though it is highly recommended that you only do this with a qualified guide to help you avoid dangerous areas of the tidal marshes, and to make sure you don't disturb the wildlife. In the real world, there are even naturist marshwalks that people can take part in.

We're back, at least for a while! Getting these comics out on any kind of schedule has been very difficult for me but I got two done during a week of vacation, so I'm going to try, at least.
User comments:
Hogan edit delete reply
George is not one for being subtle, is he? XD
Oooooll (Guest) edit delete reply
I agree with Hogan. George is a strange individual.