Comic 84 - Equinox
Transcript Panel 1.
It's the middle of the night at the border of the village. All houses have decorated posts outside of them. Mostly younger female villagers are carousing in rural-looking dresses, carrying torches and historic musical instruments. At the village border sign (Thorpe), the children are also dressed up, surrounding an effigy that is tied to the sign. Caroline is in front, holding a torch to the effigy while another girl is opening a gasoline canister.
George: You know, I never know whether I should believe those stories you tell about the islanders' pagan celebrations…
Caroline: Back away, George.

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
Aaand here we are with a new batch of short takes. I expect that these will highlight the Island Gothic aspect of the comic more and the naturism less. There's a large cast and they should have a large world to play in.

I don't know how regularly these will appear, by the way. I'm itching to work on Tess Durban some more. And there are some aspects of the comic that I want to rethink. But I'll also repeat what I said earlier, which is that a comic like this doesn't reach its final form until the hundredth episode and we're a few dozen episodes away from that.