Comic 83 - Unwinding…
28th Feb 2023, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
Transcript Panel 1
It’s the wee small hours. Blearily, George and Jamie stagger away
George: Sleeps…
Caroline: Mom, can I sleep over at George and Jamie’s place? That way I don’t have to go home.

Panel 2
It’s dawn. As the stage is being torn down, Ernst speaks to his volunteers, pulling his shirt off.
Ernst: And that's a wrap! I don't know about you but I'm hitting the sauna!

Panel 3.
A full sauna. It's only the adult team members who haven't gone home yet, but center of the image are Ernst and Gertrude, who is sitting right next to him.
Ernst: Maybe I should have kept quiet about that.

Panel 4.
Ernst: You know, he said not to worry about payment, but I don't think he meant he was waiving it. You know, professional rock bands-
Gertrude: Seriously, don't worry. The county will cover it.

Panel 5.
Ernst: What? But you said-?
Gertrude: I mean, we wouldn't normally pay big bucks for a major rock band, but this incident qualifies for compensation under our by-laws…

Panel 6.
Gertrude: 3rd Congress of elders, 1683, Section 5, paragraph 1, "Funding for the abatement of Eldritch Abominations!"

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
We didn't show the exact moment when Gertrude initially refused to pay for Trousersnake to appear on the bill - that happened prior to the start of the story. However, Gertrude and Ernst are seen rehashing that conversation in comic No. 43.
There is a lot that Ernst doesn't know about the island he was born on, because he left as a child and didn't come back until he was a grandfather already.
Also, don’t do what these characters do. You’re not supposed to use a sauna while inebriated and you’re not supposed to stuff this many people into a sauna. No wonder the kids sometimes run the sauna unsupervised.

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I'm guessing Kaza & Gwenna are inside the last few panels