Comic 82 - Winding down…
21st Feb 2023, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
Winding down…
Transcript Panel 1.
The afterparty is in full swing as DJ Slork does his laptop DJ set.
Ernst: It's gonna take us a while to get your fee…
Dana: Oh, don't worry about it. I'm retirin' anyway, and this is the most fun I've 'ad since the Plater triplets in '87!

Panel 2.
Dana is mingling with the audience.
Dana: Oi! Hilton Vandervalk! As I live an' breathe!
Vandervalk: Yipes!

Panel 3.
Dana: Don't be like that, I love yer work! That review ya wrote about us at the Fillmore East in '79…

Panel 4.
Vandervalk: What? I wrote that your music was "Goofball cock-rock, brought to you by mountains of cocaine!"
Dana: I felt *so* understood!

Panel 5.
Gail is on the Doctor's table.
Gail: Yeah, I'm all right now. Guys, if you ever write a song about demonic possession again, please make it clear that that stuff's for the birds.

Panel 6.
Gail looks around. Jean Martinet is on another table, still unconscious.
Gail: What's with the old-timey copper?
Doctor: Saw things man was not meant to see, is my diagnosis.

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A reminder: I'm doing February Album Writing Month at @reinderd and I've made some progress there despite having been sick for half the week. Updates have happened over at Aphantasia and Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, but more naked with more being worked on. I have also contributed to the New Room of Scrutiny. My Patreon is at and the lowest tier gives you access to all this nonsense early. It also helps pay my energy bills, which have been brutal these past few months.