Comic 80 - FAWM!
1st Feb 2023, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
Transcript Drawing shows Fatou, Mycelia, Cass, Eisso, Enrique, Hafid, Caroline, George and Jamie working on their FAWM projects using their respective talents and instruments.

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
I did not manage to get the fifth update of the year ready for this week, and since I've only just come back from a longer-than expected break where people started telling me they were worried about me, I want to explain what I'm going to be up to in February, what that means for the Greyfriar's Isle update schedule and where else you can find work from me that will be updating through the month.

First off, my main project for February is going to be FAWM - February Album Writing Month. I'm going to try to write 14 songs in 28 days - I tried and failed last year, but I got some essential practice and a handful of songs out of it. This year, I should have more time since I no longer have a day job. However, I am currently in rural Portugal working on our winter residence and the surrounding land, and during February we will have some people over to visit and/or help with the work, so that will cut into the available time somewhat. But during prep work in the past few days, I found that raw ideas flowed with considerably more ease than last year, almost like writing comics in fact. And I have a few possible approaches that I can try, one of which is simply writing the songs that have been featured in the Dunestock storyline: the masterpieces of Catboy Café, Echidna Shrubbery, The Ron Dunghill Trio, Festering Suppuration, Trousersnake and others. I may or may not end up doing that; I simply don't know. It's also possible that I will write country-rock songs about life in Portugal, or make bleepy-bloopy surrealist synth soundscapes, or something else entirely that as of the time of writing two days before the event begins, I haven't even thought of yet. If you want to find out what I come up with, my FAWM profile is @reinderd and you even get a mugshot of me in which I already look like a country rocker.

Now, while I will try to prepare new Greyfriar’s Isle updates, the schedule may suffer a bit. However, that doesn't mean I'm gone from ComicFury, or that I've stopped making comics. As part of preparation for FAWM, I have scheduled almost a whole month's worth of updates for different comics within the platform. I will update at least once on Spun Off, my adult-oriented faerie comic, which I updated late in January for the first time in over two years. Updates on the archival project Aphantasia will trickle in during the month, as will the archival-based but also subtly updated Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, but more naked, a project that I started out of boredom six years ago that got out of hand a bit. So far out of hand, in fact, that starting in the final week of the month, a French translation will start: Les Voyoux de Clwyd-Rhan, mais plus dévêtus. And maybe some other half-finished bits will become fully-finished during the month. It all depends on how much time I'll have.
User comments:
Michael Green (Guest) edit delete reply
If you got a handful of songs out of it, it is not a failure! (Maybe think of it as EP writing month :-).)
CyberSkull edit delete reply
Good luck with it!