Comic 78 - On Fire
19th Jan 2023, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
On Fire
Transcript Panel 1
Dana: I went down to the auto-da-fe
To burn a witch and brighten my day
But when I got there, I couldn't stay

Panel 2.
Tanya/Jo-All: All the tooooooown's

Panel 3
Dana thumps his microphone stand on the podium floor.

Panel 4.
All including the audience: On fiiiiiiiire…

Panel 5.
Cut to Vandervalk & Postillon plus Gretchen, who has her towel back on. Mycelia and they synth nerd squad are standing right next to them, singing along.
Vandervalk: Ugh, those lyrics
Postillon: His voice isn't what it used to be…
Gretchen (serious): He's charismatic though. An eminently watchable performer.

Panel 6.
Dana (Off-panel): She looked me in the eyes; "I know what's on your mind"; She looked me in the eyes…
Mycelia talks directly to Cynthia.
Mycelia: We'll know if I was right when the keyboard solo- ah, there we go!

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EDIT: March 25, 2023: At the request of the hosting provider, this comic has been giraffed. You can find the ungiraffed version on my personal website, which I now recommend you bookmark instead of this one. If you want early access to new comics (all comics I make, not just Greyfriar's Isle), you can also join my Patreon at $3 for the lowest tier.

Apologies for the fresh delays. There is a lot to do around the farm in Portugal, and we're also resource-constrained: energy and data are somewhat rationed and I'm doing as much of the work I can on iPad Pro to save power compared to my MacBook Pro from 2015. It's doable and there's even some room for experimentation working in Affinity Designer on iPad, but it's slower and ultimately I have to let some small errors slide to get it done.
However, there are older comics queued up through mid-February in other series: Aphantasia and Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, but more naked combined are ensuring that something by me gets posted on the web every day.
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“Auto-da-fe? What’s an auto-da-fe?”
“It’s what you ought’nt but you do anyway!”
(Mel Brooks)