Comic 76 - They came, they saw… they conquered a tiny festival stage
2nd Jan 2023, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
They came, they saw… they conquered a tiny festival stage
Transcript Panel 1:
Sean: So what do we do, parachute onto the stage?
Dana: God, no, that stuff takes skill. Though I did do a training once, back in '91…

Panel 2:
Dana becomes very agitated.
Dana: There it is, there's the festival grounds! Pilot, swoop over it!

Panel 3:
Tatjana sees the audience.
Tatjana: Oh wow. I never thought I'd be overdressed fer a Trousersnake gig.

Panel 4:
The helicopter has landed and the band is getting out, to be welcomed by Eisso Klop, Ernst and Asta Veros.
Ernst: Welcome! I hope the eldritch vampire gods didn't disrupt your flight too much!

Panel 5:
Eisso leads the band members to the backstage area.
Eisso: You're up right now. Just push the other band off the stage if they give you any trouble.
Tatjana: Just so ya know, there's a brawlin' surcharge in me contract.
Dana: Ah, just like Sheffield in '76! Good times…

Panel 6:
Asta takes to the microphone while actual brawling goes on behind her.
Asta: And now, a special surprise for you: an unannounced special guest doing their final show ever right here at Dunestock! Give it up for… TROUSERSNAKE!


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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
Aaaand we're back. It always takes longer, even when your expectation of how long it will take takes into account that it will always take longer. I've written the next few pages, but the bad news is that these are going to be just as complicated as this one. I'll do my best!
User comments:
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Damn! You've been gone for a long time
adekii edit delete reply
WOO! Triumphant return! And I see that member of Trousersnake is immediately earning her brawling surcharge XD I'm also very amused by the Big Boot happening as well XD
Ivan Akirov (Guest) edit delete reply
You're back! Yeah!!! Good to see (read) you again!