Comic 74 - 'Elicopter ride
30th Aug 2022, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
'Elicopter ride
Transcript Panel 1.
Outside at a parking lot. The five band members of Trousersnake are standing outside their buses, looking up for the helicopter to appear.
Dana is carrying a suitcase; the others are empty handed or have small satchels of essentials.
Tatjana: Explain to me why when we're just after finishing the final gig of our farewell tour, we're doing one more gig on some island no one's ever heard of?
Dana: I already told you. 'elicopter ride.

Panel 2.
The helicopter descends above the band members.
Tatjana: What.
Dana: 'ave you ever been 'elicoptered into a gig? I 'ave. It's fuckin' brilliant.

Panel 3.
Everyone climbs in.
Joe-Al: That's it? We're doing a gig so you can ride in a helicopter?
Dana: Dude, you got into music for the beejays. You've 'ad yer beejays, right? So now we're doin' this.
Tatjana: Classy, Dana!

Panel 4.
Inside the helicopter.
Dana opens his suitcase, which has a bottle of wine and some glasses in it.
Jhon: What about our gear? We're supposed to play on whatever-
Dana: Only way we can make it on time. They said they 'ad a vintage keyboard for ya.

Panel 5.
Dana sips from his sparkling wine.
Tommy: Drums?
Dana: Double kick drums from the previous band. 'member when our gear got nicked in '97? You did fine on borrowed drums then, you should do fine now.

Panel 6.
The helicopter from the outside. The monstrous apparitions have grown in size and envelop the island.
Dana (inside): Nearly there.
Tatjana (inside): Hang orn. What are those clouds?

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
Meet the members of Trousersnake: 'Dame' Dana Cloverhill (vocals, founder), Jo-Al Angeletti (Guitar), Sean Laird (Keyboards), Tatjana McBride (Bass) and Timmy Rockbridge (Drums). I don't normally do strong accents in my comics, though I sometimes hint at them. But I needed the speech patterns of these characters to be more distinct in situations where you can't see them, so I'm laying it on a little thicker here. I also normally try hard to keep the conversations in the comic clean, but sometimes a joke or a bit of banter is too good to pass up.

In other news: you can now read Greyfriar's Isle in French at L'Isle des Frères Gris! Translations are by Cor van de Sande, who has also translated Loxie and Zoot, The Bare-Pit, Kaza's Mate, Gwenna and Mračna (Storm Clouds) into French (only one of these, the French translation of Mračna called Ciel d'Orage, is on Comicfury and I don't know the locations of the others, which were mostly distributed through forums that are now dead). Cor's from Quebec so it's Quebecois French and may have some unusual idioms and expressions if you're expecting French as spoken in France. Sometimes I can tell, sometimes I can't, but I usually enjoy it when I spot a new expression. This version of the comic will run three times a week except in the second and third weeks, when it will run five times a week, Monday-Friday. In those second and third weeks, the comics are mostly single strips and I felt like the pace could be picked up a bit.

The art for this episode took me well outside my comfort zone at a time when I was also processing the French translations, and a lot of other urgent real-life stuff has been put on the back burner. I still have to do that stuff and the next page will also be well outside my comfort zones so it's very likely that the next page will not appear next week, and that Greyfriar's Isle will effectively be on an every-other-week schedule for a while.
User comments:
Ivan Akirov (Guest) edit delete reply
That helicopter look huge inside compared to what we see in the last vignette, might it rather be a helitardis? Rock On!
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete reply
I am really amazingly crap at drawing vehicles even with reference. The good news is that I'm working on it; the bad news is that I'm working on it here.
...(RockB) edit delete reply
(At least "Loxie & Zoot" is easy to find. I loved these cute stories when I discovered them years ago, still do.)
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete reply
I didn't link Loxie & Zoot because I'm not sure Grace even still supports the available version of the site, which is on Comicgenesis and is decades old. I prefer the old web over the web of today, but old-school webcomics images are tiny!
...(RockB) edit delete reply
Well, I suspected you had your reasons, exactly because it's so easy to find, but on the other hand, these the sweetest naturist stories & comics I ever encountered, so...

One could ask her about them...
Cor edit delete reply
The French version of ALL 600+ pages of Loxie and Zoot and The Bare-Pit, as well as the other naturist-themed pages drawn by Grace Crowley can be found here =>

The French version of Jay Epp's comic, "Kaza's mate, Gwenna" can be found here =>

Note that the first few story arcs were presented in a format resembling old-style Golden Age-era comic books, which included short stories presented in serial form, letters-to-the-editor pages <composed by myself> and ads for "Kooba" pastries, etc. all done by Jay.

As well, in the menu on the left side of ComicFury's pages of the comic, you will find a link to the French version, which brings you to the same place.
Daniel J Drazen (Guest) edit delete reply
Sometimes I get depressed by the prospect of helicoptering into/out of rock venues.

Then I need to listen to Stevie Ray Vaughn's cover of "Little Wing."

Which gets me even more depressed.
adekii edit delete reply
That view from the air is WILD!

I'm a little concerned that they're gonna try to use the cursed synth, but if anyone cam tame that beast (and those eldrich horrors) it's a Jukebox Hero like Trousersnake!

I found the dialogue to be very fun, great comic page!

Your upcoming comic release schedule sounds absolutely fair! :D