Comic 73 - Chekhov's Trousersnake
15th Aug 2022, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
Chekhov's Trousersnake
Transcript Panel 1.
Mycelia waves at Vandervalk, Postillon and Gretchen.
Mycelia: And even if you were in the audience, it was safe as long as you didn't take the band seriously.
Gretchen (mock-earnestly): Can confirm.

Panel 2.
Mycelia: We need to divert the audience's attention from them, with a different band. But it has to be a very different sort of band, one that doesn't sing about death and decay and one that is fundamentally unserious.

Panel 3.
Ernst: Right, I'll see if the Ron Dunghill Trio are up for a second set.
Vandervalk/Postillon: Huh-huh-huh!
Ernst: That wasn't a joke.

Panel 4.
Eisso: The Ron Dunghill Trio took the 6PM ferry home.
Gertrude: So… who else?

Panel 5.
Cut to a caravan of large tour buses, seen from the outside. They are painted with the Trousersnake logo. From inside the front bus, the band leader speaks.
Dana "Dame" Cloverhill: Jeeves, turn the bus around. We're getting picked up by a helicopter for a special gig.

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
You didn't think I would leave the earlier mentions of the band Trousersnake hanging, did you?
I managed, somehow, to fit the entire page into my working week, but this does mean that next week's comic is at high risk of being delayed, as I will need to design the tour bus interiors and the actual members of Trousersnake. If a delay happens, supporters of my Patreon and my Supporter Gallery on DeviantArt will get some guest art to tide them over; I prefer not to fill up my archives on ComicFury with filler art and out-of-sequence comics, so these items will appear only there for the time being.
User comments:
adekii edit delete reply
OOOH! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Things are spiraling in even wilder curves now! It is gonna be cool to see the designs you come up with for the Trousersnake members!

Great page!
Ivan (Guest) edit delete reply
I grew up listening to this saying: good things take time, so please take your time to keep delivering us these good pages!