Comic 70 - More wit and wisdom from Vandervalk and Postillon
18th Jul 2022, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
More wit and wisdom from Vandervalk and Postillon
Transcript Panel 1
Vandervalk and Postillon and Gretchen are facing off with the vampire demons. Gretchen is snapping her towel at them
Vandervalk: Go away! You're distracting us from the performance!
Postillon: But we still don't like you!

Gretchen: Down! Down!

Panel 2
Aurora approaches Vandervalk, Postillon and Gretchen.
Aurora: You! You were in the middle of the crowd! But you're not hypnotized!
Gretchen: And now stay down!

Panel 3
Gretchen is teaching a vampire demon to sit up.
Vandervalk: What, you mean like these zombies?
Postillon: How can you tell the difference?
Gretchen: Huh-huh-huh!

Panel 4
Aurora: How can you joke when there's-
Vandervalk: Did you *see* those bands? Every last one was ridiculous and these guys were the worst.
Postillon: I guess we just don't know how to stop!
Vandervalk: I wish this band did!

Panel 5.
Slork and Ernst wander into frame, visibly baked.
Vandervalk/Postillon: Huh-huh-huh!
Aurora: Are they always like this?
Gretchen: Yep!
Slork: Ah, there you are!

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
EDIT: March 25, 2023: At the request of the hosting provider, this comic has been giraffed. You can find the ungiraffed version on my personal website, which I now recommend you bookmark instead of this one. If you want early access to new comics (all comics I make, not just Greyfriar's Isle), you can also join my Patreon at $3 for the lowest tier.

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As for the page itself, I did not expect those two hecklers that I invented for a filler comic to have such a big role in the story itself. They surprised me and keep doing so.
User comments:
Hogan edit delete reply
Gretchen would have everything under control if she had a bigger towel! XD
adekii edit delete reply
Great work on this page!! :D
Snood2 (Guest) edit delete reply
Why are there slime monsters now?