Comic 69 - Yeah, send that to the lab. See what they say.
11th Jul 2022, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
Yeah, send that to the lab. See what they say.
Transcript Panel 1
At the first aid post. The doctor is present, examining Elena on a table. All the kids are surrounding them, including Dexter and Frank
Doctor: Pallor, low body temperature, fainting spells… this is the most anemic child I've ever seen.

Panel 2
Elena: Blood…
Doctor: That's right, the problem is your blood. I can take a sample to send to the lab…

Panel 3
Elena sits up a little, feebly beckoning at Frank.
Elena: You… chubby boy with the hat.
Frank: That's "Frank", if you don't mind!

Panel 4
Elena: Your lunch, Frankifyoudon'tmind! I want it.
Frank: I'm sorry, what?
Elena: You have a lunch in your bag. I can smell it. Give it to me.

Panel 5
Frank reaches into his bag to pull out a packed sandwich. Dexter is indignant on his friend's behalf.
Dexter: Sick or not, can you just *ask*-
Frank: Oh! Yeah! Sure.

Panel 6.
Elena devours the sandwich that Frank has given her.
Elena: smack grr om nom nom smack smack chomp grrr, etc
Dexter looks at Frank in puzzlement.
Dexter: You're letting a sick baby take your lunch!
Caroline: Excuse me?
Frank: My mom packed me a black pudding sandwich. I told her I hate the stuff, but she never listens to me.

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
7 panels! This was a challenging page for me to draw and the resulting art is not my best. But it was time to speed the storytelling up a bit.
User comments:
NatureKid01 edit delete reply
(About the resulting art ) Yeah it’s fine and it’s cool to see in two row panels page again , nice .
Southern Cross edit delete reply
After twice having black pudding sandwiches, i have to agree with Frank.
adekii edit delete reply
I love the eating sounds!! :D

Great work on this page!