Comic 63 - Consummate professionalism, here
6th Jun 2022, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
Consummate professionalism, here
Transcript Panel 1:
Aurora Borealis is urgently pleading with Ernst, who is sitting in a chair backstage drinking a beer and smoking a joint with DJ Slork. They both look contentedly hazy and aren't really paying attention to what Aurora is saying.
Aurora: I'm telling you, you've got to stop the show! Their keyboard is cursed!
Ernst: Balderdash! Who told you that? (To Slork) Here, gimme another hit.

Panel 2:
Aurora is at the mixing desk pleading with Sarah. Behind them, Carolina introduces Elena to the other kids.
Aurora: For the love of God, please cut the sound! Or at least turn that keyboard down!
Sarah: Well, that keyboard IS a little louder than it was before.
Caroline: Guys, this is Elena. Check out her naked vampire cosplay!

Panel 3:
Sarah looks puzzled. In the background, Elena and the kids are talking. Elena looks like she's about to faint.
Sarah: Oh, this is weird! I can't move the slider for the keyboard channel!
Aurora: I-yi-yi!
Caroline: …Elena, are you all right?

Panel 4:
Mycelia is talking to the Synth Nerd Squad, with her back turned to the wraiths. Behind the wraiths, who are facing the same direction as Mycelia, an ominous shadow is turning up.
Mycelia: OK, we can definitely write these wraiths down as being harmless. Crisis averted, let's go back to the festival.
Bruin: Er....

Panel 5:
Elena grabs Caroline by the shirt.

Panel 6:
Ernst: Slork, they weren't kidding about weed being more potent than back in the day. I think I'm starting to see things.

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
EDIT: March 25, 2023: At the request of the hosting provider, this comic has been giraffed. You can find the ungiraffed version on my personal website, which I now recommend you bookmark instead of this one. If you want early access to new comics (all comics I make, not just Greyfriar's Isle), you can also join my Patreon at $3 for the lowest tier.

Cameo: Elena from Children of the Dark Woods
Y'know, as much as this is turning into a story where the so-called adults are failing to do their duties, I sympathize with Ernst quite a bit here. He's put in like a sixteen-hour day and he's helped saved the day at least once already. The festival is nearly over and he's decided he's going to kick back with a beer and a doobie? Sure, why not.
I've always considered that Ernst would like to occasionally light up a joint and that he'd even grow his own on the estate. This is just the first time I got around to showing that side of him.
User comments:
area5.1 edit delete reply
"Naked" costumes are good value for money
CyberSkull edit delete reply
How does one get a skull to stay in place?
Atomic (Guest) edit delete reply
Teeth tangled in the hair maybe?
Hogan edit delete reply
Lots of hairgel?
adekii edit delete reply
Oh that is another really cool cameo! Awesome!

And geeze, things are really heating up on this page! Wild!