Comic 60 - Apparently the foulness is green
25th Apr 2022, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
Apparently the foulness is green
Transcript Panel 1.
Festering Suppuration are on stage. Oozer is singing into the microphone while playing his guitar. Gail is also singing and playing.
Oozer: The gurgling of putrefying flesh! Green, viscous foulness!
Gail: The foulness is greeeenn, ahhh!

Panel 2.
Bats fly up nearby
Ooozer (off-panel): Moulder in luminescence, my child!
Gail: The child is moldy, ahhh!

Panel 3.
Watching Gail on vocals, singing her heart out, with Oozer in the background.
Oozer: Limbs drop off as you decay!
Gail: Decaying, ahhh!

Panel 4.
In the dunes, the Synth Nerd Squad is approaching a fenced-off area.
Fatou: You are aware that we are no longer in the campsite, right?
Mycelia: Yeah, so?
Fatou: I'm just saying, maybe some of you should have put some clothes on.
Oozer/Gail (off panel in unison): AS YOU DECAY!

Panel 5.
Oozer (off-panel): Thank you! Our next song is called "Consuming a mummy".
Mycelia: I don't see the problem. This place is well hidden and I know that some of the kids wander off here all the time. Besides…

Panel 6.
In the crowd stand Tess and Abby. Behind them, Caroline and Amber can be seen enjoying the gig. Next to them is a red-headed girl with a skull on her head.
Abby: So are we doing anything about this?
Tess: Nope! I came to the island for a break from this. If there's demonic possession involved, someone else can fix it.
Oozer: Running sores! Fevered sweats! What am I to do?

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
Apologies for the delay everyone! I have a long list of things I need to take care of, some of which are literally years overdue. This includes medical appointments, setting up a new website that includes the newer webcomics and is not dependent on a custom CMS, getting solar panels installed on my roof so Vladimir Putin can suck it, and more.
Then this page also turned out to be difficult to draw. Fun, but time-consuming. At the same time, I've been doing 30 Days of Characters again, just like last year, and even though most of these artworks took less than an hour from start to upload, this was time taken out of the available time for working on Greyfriar's Isle. I think it's worth it; it's important for me to try new things and stretch myself creatively, and some of these images will be reused on the Greyfriar's Isle website when it appears. But sometimes I wonder.
Anyway. The next month will be a wash: no more 30 Days of Characters and I'll be alone in the house without my dogs because my wife has taken them with her to Portugal where she's buying land (if they were to stay with me, I'd be practically housebound for a month, and besides, they thrive while traveling. They are travel dogs now). But I'm also going to spend much more time in the office, which means my bicycle commute will be a daily thing: almost two hours a day on my wheels. This is good for my physical and mental health, but not for my time budgeting.
User comments:
area5.1 edit delete reply
NatureKid01 edit delete reply
I personally have no problem with delays and it’s fine to me , RL comes first 👌. But it’s good to see new page .
adekii edit delete reply
Fantastic work on this page! There's lots happening here and it's great :D
It also absolutely tickles me to think that there is a possibility that, due to the appearance of characters who had previous cross-overs, that Greyfriar's Isle could potentially be in the same universe as The Beholderverse. I mean, not everything that crosses over and has characters make guest appearances are actually related like that - it's not a hard and fast rule and it's not something that's forced upon creators, I just find it a fun thing to think inside my head!