Comic 53 - Strike a pose, there's nothing to it
21st Feb 2022, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
Strike a pose, there's nothing to it
Transcript Panel 1.
Jackie Burton is at the yoga place, talking to Cass offscreen.
Jackie Burton: I thought you said that yoga wasn't a competitive sport.
Panel 2.
Cass is revealed to be in an extremely contorted pose, next to a girl who is also in an extremely contorted pose. The girl has bikini bottoms on.
Cass: I know, but I couldn't help myself.
Meya: Neither could I. Now can someone help me straighten up?

Panel 3.
As Hogan and Jackie help Meya untangle, George, Jamie, Dexter, Frank, Caroline and Amber appear from the right.
George: So this is where Cass is doing her yoga today! How are you doing Cass?

Panel 4.
Cass: I am fine and not stuck at all! We're about to wrap up for the day before the main act start.
George: Oh yeah, the Blues Dads… I don't know if I'd be into them.

Panel 5.
Hogan, Jackie and Meya help unfold Cass.
Cass: No, they've been replaced on the bill. There was a medical emergency. The new headliner is called… Suffering Infestation or something?

Panel 6.
Asta is trying to talk to the band members as they are setting up.
Asta: "Fes-te-ring sup-pu-ra-tion." OK, Got it. Get ready to rock, I'll go and announce you guys!

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There's one real-person cameo in here and some fictional character cameos, but because I had to rush things a bit, I'm going to wat and see if they are accurate enough to be recognised before I reveal who they were intended to be.
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Another great page!! I love the dialogue, really made me smile!