Comic 52 - Dexter goes there, George goes further
14th Feb 2022, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
Dexter goes there, George goes further
Transcript Panel 1.
Frank, Dexter, George and Jamie are by the 'street' entrance to the campsite.
Dexter: Oh wow, it is wide open. We came in from the beach.
George: That's just it! Because anyone can wander in from the beach, there wasn't any point in putting up a big privacy fence, my grandfather says.

Panel 2.
Dexter: But anyone can just look in to gawk at nude people! Or camp without paying!
George: We catch gawkers pretty quickly. And… sometimes people do start out as curious onlookers and become nudists later.
Jamie: Anyway, you'd be surprised at how many people don't want a free ride.

Panel 3.

George sticks his foot out of the gate so it's on the public road.
George: Besides, it works the other way around as well. Check this out!

Panel 4.
George stands in the road.
George: Hey look! I'm naked outside the nudist campsite! Come arrest me!

Panel 5.
A bicyclist rides by, angrily ringing his bell. It's the police officer from the Beach Cleanup storyline. George zips back into the campsite.
SFX: Ring, ring!
George: Wah!

Panel 6.
Everyone is hiding behind the bushes inside the campsite.
George: He's moving on. I think I got away with it.
Jamie: Again!

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
Sorry for the delay! It turns out that neither vacation nor returning from vacation did not help me manage my time in such a way that I could get this page out in time.

I've mentioned it before and will eventually show more of the location and how everything works, but the campsite is built around a villa in the dunes that used to belong to Ernst's ancestors. On one side, it is open to a bike lane that is not far from the main village. On the other side, it is open to the beach via a path. The campsite is not in the middle of a built-up area but easy to find. Ernst built it to be more open than most naturist campsites are, because he did not believe naturists have to hide themselves from the rest of the world, and on Greyfriar's Isle with its long tradition of nude swimming, this is true. What George is doing is still bad behaviour though.
User comments:
adekii edit delete reply
Naughty George! Taking into the consideration the "AGAIN!" I begin to imagine that this particular cop and George have a comic duo relationship where the cop just happens to be around whenever George gets up to no good outside the campsite. Like, IMMEDIATELY pops out and simply rings his bicycle bell, which frightens George back onto the straight and narrow... until next time! Of course, that's just imagination spinning up silliness. Great comic page!