Comic 51 - Who's the biggest dweeb of them all?
31st Jan 2022, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
Who's the biggest dweeb of them all?
Transcript Panel 1.
The group of boys spot Caroline in the crowd by the swag.
George: Hey, Caroline! What's up?

Panel 2.
Caroline: Meh, my mom made me give back all the swag I earned as, er, an influencer.
Seller: You can keep the T-shirt.

Panel 3.
Amber: I guess that tiara is refurbished now?
George: This is Caroline, Frank… and you know Dexter already.
Frank: Oooh, there's some cool stuff in here!

Panel 4.
Frank: … I can just about afford a cassette.
George: Whoa! Can you play one of those things?
Frank: I have the means, yes.

Panel 5.
Frank: I came here for Oswald Pseudopodia. They've released a ton of stuff on cassette. But I think they're having an off night tonight. 20 more minutes till they're done.
George: Hey, why don't we show you guys around the campsite?
Dexter: Sure!

Panel 6.
Frank and Dexter bring up the rear as the other four kids walk in front.
Frank: Why are you so interested in the campsite all of a sudden?
Dexter: Remember what my parents do for a living? Can't hurt to learn more about how these guys run their place.

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
Setting up a little subplot late in the game. Can you tell I'm pantsing this section of the story? This page was 100% created on the road, in France, Spain and Portugal.
In other news, I have signed up for February Album Writing Month! On my Profile page there, you will soon be able to see (links to) terrible demos of what I hope will be pretty decent songs, up to fourteen of them, all written during the month of February, though I will probably 'cheat' and use ideas and starting points I've come up with over the past, er, decades. God, I'm old.
User comments:
adekii edit delete reply
This page is fun! For a part of the story that you've come up with on the fly, it seems solid to me! Seems to me a bit like the "talking behind my hand to keep my message secret" isn't working on most of the cast, which I am also amused by!
Firefly Jelly edit delete reply
Firefly Jelly
It's hard to tell if you like or dislike "Oswald Pseudopodia" (Ozric Tentacles.) I'm going with "like." :-)