Comic 49 - Interacting with artists backstage
17th Jan 2022, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
Interacting with artists backstage
Transcript Panel 1.
OSWALD PSEUDOPODIA are playing as Festering Suppuration appears in the backstage tent area.
Tag: Hey, it's Oswald Pseudopodia. I've seen them like five times.
Gail: I didn't know you were into them.
Tag: Nah, I never remember a single note.

Panel 2.
Eisso: Now, if you can start moving your gear to this area, we'll have it on stage in no time.

Panel 3.
As Festering Suppuration move their gear:
Eisso: Er, they all look like they've just thrown up.
Ernst: They look like they've *been* thrown up.

Panel 4.
Ernst takes Eisso to the side.
Ernst: By the way Eisso, did you miss the bit where I said that people interacting with artists backstage had to wear the staff outfit?
Eisso: Oh, I think Asta and I were late for that.

Panel 5.
Eisso: Story of my life, like that time I joined a fight club. They were halfway through Rule Two when I got there.
"You joined a fight club?"
"Eh, it was a different life."

Panel 6.
George, Jamie, Dexter and Frank are wandering the area and are arriving by the swag tents. Dexter is looking around uncomfortably; Frank looks grumpy.
George: Ooh, we never got to check out the swag tents! Let's go look at the swag!

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
I won't name the band that was the inspiration for Oswald Pseudopodia, but they are the one band that I went to see and don't remember a single thing about. Not even the disappointment I surely must have felt at the time. The band in question has a fandom that probably uses a lot of mind-altering drugs but I didn't take any, so that wasn't the cause. Luckily I didn't pay for a ticket; it was a free gig right around the corner from my house.
ANNOUNCEMENT: I'll be traveling starting the 16th or 17th, so by the time you read this, I will already be on the road, driving to Portugal and Spain for a three-week vacation. How this will affect the comic is up in the air: I could end up with no finished comics during those weeks, I could be putting out fillers or shorter strips; or I could end up drawing more than in normal weeks. Two years ago, I drew multiple pages of Tess Durban during my vacation, so it's possible that I end up being more productive, but I don't want to create that expectation.
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Vii (Guest) edit delete reply
I wish you have a great time in my land, Spain! ¡Bienvenido!
Hogan edit delete reply
Enjoy your vacation! :-)

... and also just noticed that the sun indeed is setting in the last panel :D
adekii edit delete reply
I somehow missed this when it was posted!

I hope you're having a great vacation!!