Comic 48 - Gigs and statistics
10th Jan 2022, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
Gigs and statistics
Transcript Panel 1.
Festering Suppuration's bin bikes arrive at the campsite. Singer Gail Wolfsbane is in one of the bins, sitting in front like a ship's prow decoration.
Oozer: 'Naturist campsite Marsh Light'? We're doing nudist festivals now?
Tag: Shut it, a gig's a gig.

Panel 2.
They enter the campsite pushing their bikes.
Pustule: Easy for you to say, you were in Cult of XünÿX and half your audiences were naked anyway.
Filth: ALL their audiences were half-naked.
Pustule: That's the same thing, statistically speakin', innit?

Panel 3:
The band members banter among themselves while Gail approaches an older campsite guest.
Filth: Tell you what, I'm burnin' up after pushing that bike up the dunes.

Panel 4:
Gail: Hello? Which way to the festival?

Panel 5:
Eisso welcomes Festering Suppuration.
Eisso: Hi! I am Eisso, the stage manager for the festival. You're up after Oswald Pseudopodia are done.
Gail: Gah!

Panel 6:
Filth: So what's the deal? We expected to perform naked?
Eisso: That depends. Do you want to?

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
In real life, guys like Filth would be covered in tattoos, but I've learned my lesson with Abúi's Travels so I'm not drawing those in.
You're seeing the exterior of the campsite correctly: there is only a low fence to mark the perimeter instead of a tall privacy fence. This is by design: the campsite is in the dunes and the other end of it is directly connected to the nudist beach, so when setting up the campsite, Ernst opted against putting up a tall fence.
User comments:
area5.1 edit delete reply
LOL - Frame 5
Tsath edit delete reply
And the scary band turns out to be a bunch of prudes. Whoda thunk?
adekii edit delete reply
This page is great fun! I love how much personality is packed into each band member.
Good call on the tattoos as it sounds like an experience that you don't want to repeat! And honestly making more stress for yourself is never great! I remember the artist from "Dan and Mab" once expressed how one of their core characters being covered in spots was driving them batty XD
NatureKid01 edit delete reply
It seems inviting or allowing a band like them on naturist place seems risky somtimes.