Comic 47 - Meeting a friend
3rd Jan 2022, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
Meeting a friend
Transcript Panel 1.
An hour later, as night is starting to fall…
At the fry stand. A very tired George hangs out of the serving window with a net colander in his hand. He is still smiling, or at least trying to. Two adults are waiting in line. One of them is hardware store girl; the other is Enrico?
George: Hello Hardware Store Girl and Cass's Other Boyfriend. What can I do for you?
Hardware Store Girl: You can get out of that booth! we're here to take over from you.

Panel 2.
George and Jamie are standing outside the fry stand, undressing.
George: Freedom!
Jamie: …It's already getting chillier, though.

Panel 3.
George and Jamie progress through the festival location
George: Hey! look who's there!

Panel 4.
It's Dexter, and a friend. The friend doesn't look so nice.
Dexter is trying to hide his face
George: It's Dexter from the other campsite! Hey, Dexter!

Panel 5.
Dexter: Oh my god, you are naked.
George: That's the idea?
Friend: Who are these squirts?

Panel 6.
Dexter tries to compose himself and introduce the boys. George is shaking Frank's hand.
Dexter: Frank, these are George and Jamie. They're the, er, sons of the campsite owner.
Jamie: Grandsons!
Frank: Hrm.

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
Even on Greyfriar's Isle, the mix of nude and textile campers doesn't always go smoothly.
Happy new year everyone! I considered staying away for longer but that would be the third time in a row that I'd extended a break. What I'm gonna do instead is keep the art simple for a while, and also I'm going to be a little looser with the schedule early in the year, because too often I end up with weekend marathoning and I won't have time for that throughout January and February. Comics will appear as and when they finish until I wrap up the festival story and start the new season in March.
This is also the reason we're spending some time with George, Jamie and Dexter; they're easier to draw than the band Festering Suppuration, and their gear and their bin bikes.
User comments:
Kevin_Redcrow edit delete reply
Happy New Year, ReinderDijkhuis!

This was a nice surprise!
burstlion edit delete reply
Meeting Dexter in "the wild"! I would think that the boys would want to mess with him somewhat, but I feel like they are too pure to intentionally try to embarrass or fluster him regarding any topic. Caroline, on the other hand, would probably spin some sort of yarn...

I look forward to seeing how the interactions of this group play out!
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete reply
I am too! I have literally no idea yet how this subplot will play out. I started with panels 1-2 to mark the passage of time at the campsite, then realized that I wasn't ready to draw the adventures of Festering Suppuration yet, but I didn't want to extend my break,