Comic 45 - Old school metal
13th Dec 2021, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
Old school metal
Transcript Panel 1
Inside the live studio room. Roy the engineer is talking from the control room.
Roy: They want to know what kind of music you make. What shall I tell them?
Panel 2
Oozer: Tell them Death Metal.
Pustule: Not just any Death Metal. SLAM Death Metal
Tag: I would say we're evolving towards Cavernous Death-

Panel 3
Roy: They're an old-school metal band bringing back the sounds of the 1990s.

Panel 4.
Roy from the control room: You've got the gig, boys! Decent fee as well, and they're paying for lost studio time. It's at a campsite by the beach. Pack up.

Panel 5.
The band members move their gear in large bin bikes. Gail Wolfsbane sits in front of the first bin like a ship's figurehead.
Pustule (Sarcastically): Car-free streets, yay!

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
This will be the final regular update for 2021. Next week, we'll have some guest art; the week after that will be a week off. I will keep drawing but at a slower rate until January 3. Happy holidays and we'll see you in the new year!
User comments:
industrialspy edit delete reply
She's sitting at the front of the vehicle, so "stern ornament" seems backwards.
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete reply
Thanks for catching that! Mistakes like this are the reason I think it's time for a short break.
StLOrca edit delete reply
Not just car-free!
adekii edit delete reply
Very cool! I love their cargo tricycles, that's just cool!
Racuminius edit delete reply
Nice way to solve the never ending issue of metal genres: just old-school metal.

Happy holidays!!! We'll read you in 2022!!!