Comic 43 - A minor, corrupting
29th Nov 2021, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
A minor, corrupting
Transcript Panel 1.
Ernst is in a heated conversation with Gertrude. For once, Gertrude is telling him no. Caroline enters, decked out in merchandise and eating food. There is another girl behind her.
Gertrude: I am NOT giving you a permit to airlift Trousersnake from their gig in Bovenscheveen! I'm already bending over backwards to support you making this festival happen because my daughter likes it!
Caroline: What's going on? Can I help?

Panel 2.
Gertrude turns to Caroline.
Gertrude: Hello sweetie. Are you having a good time?
Caroline: Oh yeah! Only I promised Amber a tiara but I ran out of money so if there's an odd job you all need me to do…

Panel 3.
Caroline bends sideways towards Ernst, who bends a little in her direction.
Caroline: … Or a problem you need me to fix…

Panel 4.
Gertrude gets angry at Caroline.
Gertrude: Caroline?
Caroline: Yes, mom?
Gertrude: HOW did you pay for all that swag?
Caroline: Err… Swag comes naturally to me? Like YOLO? Swag and Yolo, that's me. Yep, yep! LOL

Panel 5.
Gertrude: I can't believe you let Ernst pay you to influence me! I can already see the headlines! "*Island government rocked by corruption scandal!*"
Caroline: Mom, the island newspaper is one old guy's website!
Amber: His Basebook page, really.

Panel 6.
In the background, Gertrude and Caroline argue on.
Gertrude: I don't care! Even an old dog can smell blood!
Caroline: That's not a real saying!
Gertrude: It is now!
In the foreground, Ernst, Hafid and Eisso collect themselves.
Hafid: Moving on?
Ernst: Moving on.
Eisso: Right.

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
Another one that took forever to make. In the end, I got so far behind that I decided to do something different from normal backgrounds. Please welcome halftones to the comic. And Amber, too! She appeared once before but now she gets to say something.
User comments:
area5.1 edit delete reply
I like that saying
adekii edit delete reply
Oh no! The biscuit wheels just fell off of Caroline's gravy train! At least she got lots of swag :D What's Ernst going to do now that he can't get any of his musical headliners?! I'm looking forward to finding out!
Great page!