Comic 39 - The nuclear option
1st Nov 2021, 7:00 AM in Dunestock
The nuclear option
Transcript Panel 1.
At the modular synth workshop, Mycelia is showing off how she can hook her mushroom plantings to her modular setup.
Mycelia: so the electrical pulses from the mushrooms are converted into pitches right here…

Panel 2.
Attendee 1: Hee hee! Your mushrooms sound like they're high on mushrooms.
Mycelia: That's how I know they're healthy and happy!

Panel 3.
Ernst is on the phone inside the side tent as Councillor Trudy Schuymer and Caroline turn up. From the outside, music can be glimpsed (stream of music notes).
Ernst: Come on, answer…

Panel 4.
Ernst ends his call, annoyed. Trudy and Caroline undress.
Ron Dunghill (from off-panel): So give me my banana back!
Ron Dunghill (from off-panel): Thank you! You can go back to sleep now!
Ernst: HRM!
Trudy: Is there a problem?
Caroline: Hup!

Panel 5.
Ernst: The headline band is a no-show. I've tried calling their booking agency, their manager, even the home phones of the band members and no one has answered.

Panel 6.
Caroline has a suggestion.
Caroline: I know what I'd do.
Ernst: I'm all ears.
Caroline: Call their moms.

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
No new cameos in this one, but I do refer to a practice that I've seen on YouTube: hooking mushrooms up to modular synthesizers to convert the weak electrical pulses they generate into otherworldly tones, as in this video by MycoLyko.
In case you were curious: Mycelia allows photography/video in her workshop, if only because half the participants don't have hardware synths in their possession and will be working with a virtual modular synth app on their smartphones and tablets anyway.
Last week, I talked about the Patreon and the Supporter gallery on DA. I won't repeat myself here, but I would like to suggest that if you enjoy this comic, you can subscribe to it on ComicFury! This is free and all it does is generate a page in your ComicFury account (signing up for a ComicFury account is also free and it doesn't sell or hoard your data) that shows your subscribed comics organized by latest update. So it helps you find new updates. What's in it for me is that it bumps the comics' popularity numbers a bit, generating more exposure within ComicFury and also improving my morale. Everybody wins.
Art-wise, I think the black and white version of the comic is really coming into its own. I'm using a rougher brush and a layer of pure black to do the work that color does in the color comics. Color will be back, but not during this storyline. I'm thinking of having color be a summer season-only thing, with the off-season strips being in black and white.
User comments:
burstlion edit delete reply
If something as simple as subscribing to the comic will help, then I'll definitely do it! (I intend to support financially via patreon once I have my affairs straightened out)

This page is great! That mushroom idea is so cool, and the fact that it's real is absolutely wild! I think Caroline is definitely on the right track with her idea XD