Comic 35 - Contraband
11th Oct 2021, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
Transcript Panel 1:
Slork and Aurora stuff their clothes into their backpacks.
Slork: Anyway, I can get set up within five minutes…
Rora: And pack up within three.

Panel 2:
Sarah eyeballs the two quizzically.
Sarah: How much of that time would be spent hiding contraband?
Rora: Right now, none of it! We ate it all over the weekend.

Panel 3:
Sarah: Good. That is good. We don't want to risk our permits. So do you wanna go get set up or…
Slork: Yeah, let's do that.

Panel 4:
Rora: I'm gonna explore this site a bit, see who and what is cool.
Asta Veros: I'll show you around.
Eisso Klop: Have fun!

Panel 5:
Beat Panel.As Rora and Asta exit stage left and Sarah and Slork exit stage right, this leaves Ernst and Eisso.

Panel 6:
Eisso: So, our headliners.
Ernst: Yeah, I'll start making phone calls.

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
It's been a week! The hits just kept on coming. I spent a lot of my available time last week training for a running event on Sunday. I know that that event tends to take up most of the day when I take part, so I had planned to have a relatively simple strip and work ahead. That all worked OK until Saturday, when all I had to do was draw in the Brompton bikes.
It was at that exact point that my stepson called to say he was short of breath and needed help. He had to go to the emergency room; right now, he's doing OK and will be going home on Monday.
So I ended up having to cancel the run that I was scheduled to take part in, and even that didn't free up any time to work on the comic, because I just crashed on Sunday. I'm still not that with it right now as I type this. But I did get the comic out even if it's a little rougher than I expected. It turns out folded-up Brompton bikes are very difficult to draw.

The day before my stepson's hospitalization, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness myself. I have Palindromic Rheumatism which may or may not be a precursor to full-blown rheumatoid arthritis. I've had this for a very long time, but it's only been in the past two years that the symptoms have become frequent, severe and long-lasting enough for me to see someone about it. It was NBD when I only had a flare-up once a year, but having them once a month and becoming more and more tired after each one was making this a more serious thing. I'm glad I know what's going on now; for the time being, there's not a lot I can or should do. All that this changes for me is that from now on, I'll have to get X-Rays taken every year.
User comments:
burstlion edit delete reply
Very cool! The work you put into those bikes highlights them as very technical and detailed. I agree that it's a good thing the contraband has already been consumed XD - wouldn't want The Law finding an excuse to ruin everything!

Sorry to hear about the health emergency, glad to hear that it sounds like it turned out OK!

Also sorry to hear about your diagnosis, that sounds really rough.