Comic 34 - #Bromptonlife
4th Oct 2021, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
Transcript Panel 1:
A voice from off-panel interrupts Ernst and Eisso
Slork: I'm here!

Panel 2:
Sarah rushes towards Slork, a white man in his late 30s with dreads, to hug him. Slork is wearing a backpack and comfortable clothing in Trance/Goa hippie style.
Slork: I wasn't on the ferry because I've been bicycling around the island all weekend!
Sarah: Slork!

Panel 3:
Sarah is all over Slork, who is trailed by a younger woman dressed in similar style.
Spork: Sleeping under the skies while the weather's still-

Panel 4:
Sarah tries to lead Slork towards the backstage area.
Sarah: So good to see you! You haven't changed a bit! C'mon, let's get your gear!

Panel 5:
Slork opens up his backpack and pulls out a laptop.
It's all in here! Things have got a lot more compact since back in the day!

Panel 6:
Slork undresses while Sarah holds his Brompton bike. The woman who is with Slork follows suit. She reveals extensive tattoos.

Slork: But where are my manners! Walking around all un-nude.
Sarah: Hey, you're one of the artists! You don't have to-
Slork: Shush, you!

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
Several references to other comics here! The name "Slork" refers to the late 1960s/early 1970s iteration of the Dutch comic Sjors & Sjimmie in which it was the name of a yellow-furred alien robot animal with eyes on stalks; it has nothing to do with the creatures from the expanded Star Wars universe.
Our DJ's dialog in the final panel of course is a direct quote from Loxie & Zoot.
Last Friday, my laptop broke down. I've managed to route around the problem but it's been a bit of an inconvenience for many things that I do in my life. I may be slow to respond even compared to a normal day.
User comments:
burstlion edit delete reply
Fantastically fun page! :D

I was wondering if his female companion was uneasy while she was looking all around, but the way she whipped off her top and her happy expression say it all~!

That is very unfortunate regarding your laptop! I hope it can be repaired without too much trouble or expense.
Hogan edit delete reply
I thought so myself at first, but then I realized that she's just on guard against other surprise glomphers! XD