Comic 33 - Oh yeah, just a little thing
27th Sep 2021, 8:00 AM in Dunestock
Oh yeah, just a little thing
Transcript Panel 1:
Ernst holds up a T-shirt with the word "STAFF" on it.
Ernst: Remember, you have to wear your staff shirts when you're interacting with the artists backstage and when you're cooking or serving food.

Panel 2:
Hafid puts on a staff T-shirt, but nothing else. Ernst eyeballs him critically. George, also wearing only a staff T-shirt, walks towards the right side of the panel, along with Sarah, who remains nude.
Ernst: Pants, too. Pants look professional.
George: Rats.
Sarah: HA ha, I'm front of house!

Panel 3:
Ernst raises his fist in the air.
Ernst: Arright! Let's open up!

Panel 4:
Everyone walks in all directions, except Ernst and Sarah. Behind Ernst, Eisso Klop raises a problem. Next to him stands his friend Asta Veros.
Mycelia: So do we need these for our workshops?
Cass: No, we're good… I think!
Eisso: Hey, er, we do have a bit of a problem.

Panel 5:
Eisso: We just came back from the ferry, and our headliners and afterparty dj weren't there. neither of them are answering my calls.
Ernst: Oh yeah, artists. should have put those on the checklist.

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
Welcome Eisso Klop to the comic. Eisso is the postmaster of the island, as described here. Eisso is accompanied by his friend Asta Veros, who may or may not be more than a friend to him. The guy who puts on the T-shirt in Panel 2 is called Hafid.
This comic was completed even later than last week's. I went back to the office for two days and found that my bike commute took it out of me. So not only did I lose the time spent on the bike commute itself, but I was unable to get much done in the evenings. So after that, I was even more dependent on weekend work than I anticipated and the final panel didn't get inked until 16:24 on Sunday. I'm also spending more time to get my physical condition back up to scratch before the 4 Mijl van Groningen on October 10. It's not easy to get all the things I want to do squished into the weekend. But the comic is here and from here on out, the bike commute should become easier, leaving me more energy outside working hours to work on the comic.
User comments:
Hogan edit delete reply
Getting artists together is like herding cats... XD

Wait? We are not talking about comic artists, are we? :p
Firefly Jelly edit delete reply
Firefly Jelly
I just spent my weekend running an antique electronics swap meet for about 400 attendees, so I feel this... the fun of community and the frustrations of planning and the complete exhaustion when it's over!
burstlion edit delete reply
That is indeed a big checklist item! Hopefully this sorts itself before becoming a crisis! XD