Comic 32 - Setting the stage, and the scene
20th Sep 2021, 7:58 AM in Dunestock
Setting the stage, and the scene
Transcript Panel 1 (Double).
Ernst and his team of volunteers are standing in front of a built-up stage outside. They include Sarah, George, Jamie, Cass, Kaza, Gwenna, Mycelia, both of Cass's friends from the social media storyline, and more.
Ernst: Right, let's go through the list. Stage and side-tents completely built?
Volunteer 1: Check!
Panel 2:
Ernst: Sound?
Sarah: Check!
Panel 3:
Ernst: Lights?
Gwenna: Check!

Panel 4:
Workshops ready to go?
Mycelia: Check!

Panel 5:
Ernst: Food trucks and stalls all set up?
George: Check!

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
First of a series of guest appearances from other comics are Kaza and Gwenna from Kaza's mate, Gwenna.
We're going back to black and white for this, because with my morning timeslot for art getting shorter in the fall, and more activities planned for my evenings, I need a change to the process that focuses more on weekend work. So instead of drawing and coloring a panel a day, I want to draw multiple panels on Saturdays and Sundays. This is a bit of a step back, but it could be worse: I could be going back to the office on a regular basis and losing an hour and a half to my bicycle commute every day.
User comments:
burstlion edit delete reply
Kaza and Gwenna!!! That is SO COOL to see them here! Great work, it is cool to see more of the residents as well!

I'm glad that you don't have to return to an office commute, and am probably one of many who hope that the process you end up using is the one that you feel most comfortable with!