Comic 27 - Dicks dicks dicks
5th Jul 2021, 8:00 AM in Social Media
Dicks dicks dicks
Transcript Panel 1: Cass is sitting on the beach with two friends, possibly the two men from the earlier comics? She is looking at her phone.
Cass: Hey, looks like I wasn't shadowbanned on Chipper after all. I'm getting replies to my latest photo Chirp!

Panel 2:
Cass's friends look over her shoulder at her phone. They're making disgusted faces.

Panel 3:
Same. The contents of the phone are not shown.
Friend 1: So I'm guessing dicks don't get shadowbanned on Chipper, like, ever?
Cass: Looks like it!
Friend 2: I didn't know you *could* get dickratio'ed.

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
I should go back to the earlier comics and change "Chatter" to "Chipper" because it works better.

I'm on vacation! The plan for the next few weeks is to post simple things, and write a few short strips that I can use as quickies/fillers between longer stories. There are also some longer stories planned but they need to be written in more detail and punched up a little bit. Before that, I want to add one more episode to this storyline to wrap it up fully.
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MattEldritch edit delete reply
Lousy bastards!