Comic 26 - Touching grass
28th Jun 2021, 8:00 AM in Social Media
Touching grass
Transcript Panel 1:
Jamie turns his chair around to face the group of adults.
Jamie: None of this is because the photos are being reported. The Picstagram AI is algorithmically recognizing the photos as nudes and deletes them without a meat monkey even validating them. By adding bigger and bigger giraffes, we've been training the AI to identify giraffes as nudity!

Panel 2.
The adults talk among themselves.
Sarah: Did you understand that?
Ernst: Not a word.
Cass: Explain it like we're five?

Panel 3.
Jamie gets up from his chair. The other kids follow suit.
Jamie: Like you're five? How about…
(Second balloon): "This is no fun! Let's go play outside!"

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
This was inspired in part by Cleo of Topless Topics's experiences on Instagram. She used increasingly large magenta blobs to cover her breasts on topless images. Eventually, images that were over 50% magenta blob were still deleted and I thought "Is she training algorithms to treat magenta blobs as if they were naked skin?" I never told her that because Cleo herself blamed the problem on an army of haters that were specifically targeting her, and seemed like if anyone knew the cause of her getting banned all the time, it was her. Besides, I had no evidence and wasn't willing to put in the work to prove it experimentally. But the thought stayed in my head and if nothing else, it was a funny idea.

Strip is shorter because I've not been able to work on it at the speed I wanted for some reason. Sometimes, things just go more slowly, and this has been one week when I couldn't get it together, even before I got my second COVID-19 shot on Thursday (the side effects weren't bad in the sense that they made me suffer, but they did involve severe fatigue and brain fog)
User comments:
area5.1 edit delete reply
It's an interesting idea and hard to come up with an argument against it - given the way that AI works.

I love the way you've parodied the problem using giraffes.
Marcel edit delete reply
Ha! Now every time I see a giraffe I'll think of breasts!
Hogan edit delete reply
Better than thinking of giraffes every time you see breasts! XD
Kevin_Redcrow edit delete reply

A health survey I had to take for a new health plan decided that my fitness age was 7 years above my chronological age.

Yet I am like in the 85th percentile for people of my age!

I was annoyed and said so to the plan administrators.
burstlion edit delete reply
Artificial Stupidity strikes again! Poor Cass, now she'll never get to share her photos ever again now that she's banned from everywhere! Unless your world has a version of VK, but it might be better if it doesn't XD
Jim (Guest) edit delete reply
Reinder, I’m just about 65 and I understood all of it. Let’s not get ageist now, lol.
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete reply
I mean it was all the adults in the room being completely baffled. Not just the oldest ones.
Daniel J. Drazen (Guest) edit delete reply
Following that kind of logic, an AI could recognize censor bars or pixelation of an already-censored picture and censor it to the next level. It's like what happens when you try to build a new password.
Firefly Jelly edit delete reply
Firefly Jelly
Congratulations on your second dose!
I've recently had the experience where I had to solve a captcha and it asked for crosswalks. I clicked on the crosswalks and it wouldn't let me past. I then realized that there was a photo with markings on the side of a road to indicate the edge that it was reading as a crosswalk, even though it wasn't. What to do? Rather than solving it incorrectly, I decided to just refresh the page and get a new one. I have no idea if I did a good thing or if it doesn't matter...
CyberSkull edit delete reply
In other news, Picstagram has banned all zoos from its platform…