Comic 24 - The Scorpion and the Giraffe
14th Jun 2021, 8:00 AM in Social Media
The Scorpion and the Giraffe
Transcript 1. The next morning. Cass is doing Yoga when Sarah approaches her, George and Jamie in to .
Sarah: Hey, my kids told me they were editing pictures of you as an experiment.

2. Cass: Yeah, that's about right. So what did you come up with?

3. Showing a photo of Cass on the campsite, on a tablet, zoomed out enough to show the environment but zoomed in enough to show that Cass is censored, with images of toy giraffes.
Cass: Toy giraffes? Oh my god, that's hilarious! I've just been unsuspended so I'm gonna post this and see what happens.

4. Later that day. Cass is in the middle of a modular synth jam when her phone dings.
Phone: Ding! To improve your Picstagram experience and keep you safe, you have been suspended from Picstagram! Please check our terms for more Picspiration on how to prevent this from happening again.
Cass: Curses! Foiled again!

5. The kids are back in the room with the computer. This time Cass and Sarah are both present.\
Sarah: You're gonna need a bigger giraffe!
George: Yeah, just cover a bigger area and try again.

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
EDIT: March 25, 2023: At the request of the hosting provider, this comic has itself been giraffed. Yes, I know it's ironic. You can find the ungiraffed version on my personal website, which I now recommend you bookmark instead of this one. If you want early access to new comics (all comics I make, not just Greyfriar's Isle), you can also join my Patreon at $3 for the lowest tier.

I use colors here to indicate the time of day, but in the Netherlands in midsummer, the sunrise in the top row would occur at about 4:30 AM, so everyone is up super early.
There's more that you can extrapolate from this scene. We know for example that the Stachouwer manor is in the middle of the campsite, so it's likely that neither George nor Sarah has worn clothes since the last time they had to leave the campground for an errand. Jamie on the other hand is fully dressed, because he's not as full-on about naturism as his family members. Cass is nude at 4:30 AM because her camper van is perfectly comfortable and also because she's as fanatical as George.
Finally, Caroline has a home on the island to go back to at night, so she arrives on the scene fully dressed. But because it's 4:30 AM, we can assume that she snuck out of the house to see her friends. Which is something she'd do, and future stories will reveal her to be very good at sneaking.
Finally, if the weather is hot enough to be nude at 4:30 AM, it's probably so hot that everyone catches up on sleep later in the day by taking catnaps.
User comments:
PaulBlay edit delete reply
Maybe Picstragram thought the third giraffe was something different.
burstlion edit delete reply
Love this one! Very fun - keep fighting the tyranny of big brother!!
MattEldritch edit delete reply
Cass looks amazing with her hair up.
Kevin_Redcrow edit delete reply
Perhaps the kids ought to go with the classics: fig leaves and feathered fans.
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete reply
I'm sure they considered it but thought those options weren't silly enough.
Hogan edit delete reply
Too boring most likely... I mean, when you get the chance, giraffes is the way to go!
Daminite edit delete reply
This comic reminds me a lot of an older one called Loxie & Zoot
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete reply
Loxie and Zoot/The Bare-pit is a major influence, but at the same time I'm hoping to do things a little differently than that comic, which is after all twenty years old. I hope I'm succeeding at that.
NatureKid01 edit delete reply
Maan i missed those type of comics back then!
Tom Harris (Guest) edit delete reply
Hi, if you mean you didn't see L&Z twenty years ago, you can still see the (rather long) series at -- warning: constant casual full-frontal nudity!
NatureKid01 edit delete reply
Social Network apps is sure somthing though to handle somtimes ..
Oooooll (Guest) edit delete reply
Cass has KIDS helping her out with her situation. What'd you Expect to happen? That their giraffe crop would work?
THE_BEHOLDER edit delete reply
I’m loving this little storyline XD
Chibi (Guest) edit delete reply
I just found this comic via Deviantart and I love how light-hearted and innocent it is (also reminded me of the Bare Pit in a good way). I'll be staying for more :)