Comic 23 - No to ugly censor blobs
7th Jun 2021, 8:00 AM in Social Media
No to ugly censor blobs
Transcript Panel 1.
Cass: Also, I am looking for a nude modeling gig now that it's safe to go places again.
George: Oh, cool! For artists?
Cass: …Yes.

Panel 2.
Caroline: The picture you showed us doesn't show much of the campsite, OR your what you look like for modeling clients.
Cass: Yeah, but what can I do?

Panel 3.
George trips just as he looses.
Cass: I don't want to put ugly censor blobs over my pics so I have to crop them. And now even that is not acceptable!
George: Woops! Ha ha!
SFX: Thok!

Panel 4.
George is sitting on the grass after loosing his arrow.
Jamie: What if you turned the whole situation into a joke? Like if you censored yourself with something that's funny?
George: Oooh, I've got some ideas!

Panel 5.
In the house. The boys, and Caroline are working at the computer. The screen is seen from the back. Sarah is walking by.
Sarah: Do I need to know why I am seeing a close-up of a woman's breasts on your computer screen?
George: It's all legit, mom! Just doing some photo edits to help a friend!
Caroline: Giggle!

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
You may notice that the crossbow looks a bit different. I'm still learning how to draw these things and my understanding of how the different parts fit together is, to say the least, limited. I may change things up again.

Also, we get to see more of the house! The house is on the campsite grounds and serves as its main office. We haven't seen it from the outside yet and hopefully I will be able to show that soon, so that everyone can gain an understanding of how all the environments hang together. The photos in the background are traditional illustrations and watercolors I did in 2020.
User comments:
NatureKid01 edit delete reply
Lol. Wonder what kind of edit they going to do it ..
burstlion edit delete reply
This is a really great way to re-use previous work! I too am quite curious to see what they'll come up with :D
Hogan edit delete reply
Mom-sense must have been going off! XD
Cowboyboy (Guest) edit delete reply
I hope the edit will be make her look good and not censor her privates.
Kromulec (Guest) edit delete reply
She asks them as she's coming in there naked.