Comic 20 - Cass's Picstagram account
17th May 2021, 8:00 AM in Social Media
Cass's Picstagram account
Transcript Panel 1:
George, Jamie and Caroline are walking across the campsite carrying a crossbow, a set of 2x4 to build a scaffold, and a target. Cass is in her camper van.
Cass (from inside): [cussing]
George/Jamie/Caroline: ???

Panel 2.
Cass steps out of her RV. George: What's the matter, Cass?
Cass: My Picstagram-account got suspended again!

Panel 3.
Cass holds up her phone to the kids.
Cass: And I was so careful this time! Tell me this wasn't cut off way above the nipple!
Jamie: Hmmm.

Panel 4.
Jamie talks at the phone.
Jamie: Computer, enhance!

Panel 5.
The image enhances!
Phone: Enhancing…
Jamie: Whoa!. I didn't think it'd do that!

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
I keep running out of time! I'm still trying to figure out how to make coloring a page not take two whole working days. Anyway, here's Cass in the first adventure where she has a major part to play.
User comments:
Firefly Jelly edit delete reply
Firefly Jelly
Looks like Picstagram went the same route as Bumblr...
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete reply
*frantically crosses out "Bumblr" from his future script and replaces it with "Pitchr"*
Hogan edit delete reply
Has Jamie been watching the original Bladerunner lately by chance? XD
MattEldritch edit delete reply
Its probably better and safer that they're distracted by Cassie's problem instead of doing their archery.
NatureKid01 edit delete reply
Poor her
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
I know right! poor girl
Terabite (Guest) edit delete reply
Sounds like a problem Cleo at Topless Topics would be familiar with. đŸ¤£