Comic 2 - Cabbage Goat Night
29th Oct 2020, 8:00 AM in One-pagers
Transcript Panel 1:
In the sauna. George, Jamie, Caroline and Cass, plus extras. Caroline in focus, explaining, Cass next to her.
Caroline: Halloween? I can tell you guys are new to the island.

Panel 2:
Caroline: Here, we celebrate Cabbage Goat Night. You put on goat masks and go door to door to, er, juggle cabbages!
Jamie: And people give you candy for that?

Panel 3:
Cass jumps in.
Cass: No, you go out in twos, then when one person is juggling, the other sneaks into the back of the house goes to the candy bowl-
Caroline: -And trades the candy for a cabbage!

Panel 4:
George and Jamie leave the sauna, enthusiastic about this new tradition.
George: Thank you for telling us! We'd have looked silly doing mainland Halloween!
Jamie: Do we have any cabbages?
Caroline: You also need to sing a song you wrote yourselves!

Panel 5:
Cass and Caroline in a less-full sauna, high-fiving.
Caroline: Told you they'd believe anything!

Panel 6:
Jamie practices his juggling while George fetches goat masks.
Jamie: I got this! You can do the breaking and entering!
George: Hey, we have parsnips too if you wanna get fancy!

Panel 7:
Inside a village couple's house, George has been apprehended by the husband. The wife, meanwhile, is talking to Jamie.
Husband: Do we have a village tradition called Cabbage Goat Night that we missed all these years?
Wife: I don't know, I lost track years ago. Call Councillor Schuymer, she knows all about that stuff.

Panel 8:
Councillor Schuymer is in her hot tub with her daughter, eyeballing Caroline meaningfully.
She's on the phone.
Schuymer: Cabbage Goat Night? Er, yeah, that's legit! Last full moon of October. …Yeah, better remind the neighbors as well.

Panel 9:
Councillor Schuymer side-eyes her daughter. Caroline's phone dings for a notification.
Schuymer: WHAT did you tell the Stachouwer boys?
Caroline: Just a sec, mom.

Panel 10:
Caroline looks at Picstagram on her phone. Panel insert shows a hand holding up two candy bars.
Picstagram: NOTSJORS: First #cabbagegoatnight loot acquired! 200 houses to go! #diabeetus #yum #islandlife
Schuymer: What?
Caroline: …I need to go call my friends!
Panel 11:
Large! Caroline and friends are scrambling to take part in Cabbage Goat Night, wearing crude goat masks and juggling badly. Meanwhile, George and Jamie are taking their loot home.
Jamie: Yeah, I think we're done. Let's go home and gorge ourselves.
Caroline: Cabbage Goat Night, miss! Spare a groat, for the goat, while my shill steals your swill! (music notation)

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
Update: Color version posted.
At the time of writing, I had only a black and white version ready and while a color version was still being worked on, the final, can't-miss deadline of actual Halloween is fast approaching, so I posted these as they were. If you see a black-and-white comic, I did not manage to get the colors out in time, but they will appear ASAP.
First speaking parts for Caroline (the little girl), Cass (the woman sitting next to Caroline) and Councillor Trudy Schuymer (her mother).
User comments:
area5.1 edit delete reply
That was a joy to read! Great drawing too.

Must brush the dust off my old goat costume.
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete reply
You know, these take a long time to make and by the time I'm done, I'm not always sure they're funny anymore. But the casual way Jamie asks if they have cabbages while they have their goat masks ready to go will never not be funny to me. Well done, me.
area5.1 edit delete reply
That doesn't surprise me, that sauna is chock-full of people, even with a little bit of re-use.

I've just noticed the home-mate goats masks that the others are using... perfect.
Hogan edit delete reply
Hah! So that's home traditions come to! XD
Love this strip, keep rereading to take in the details :-)

Marcel edit delete reply
This is great! You got delighted laughter from me the whole way through!
Cowboyboy (Guest) edit delete reply
I'm confused. They say there is no such thing as cabbage goat night but yet in the last panel the kid says cabbage goat makes no sense.