Comic 19 - Vegan Cuisine 2
10th May 2021, 8:00 AM in Vegan Cuisine
Vegan Cuisine 2
Transcript Panel 1.
Ernst and Sarah are at the wholesaler's. The wholesaler is an indifferent looking man and his store is dimly lit and full of indistinct bags and boxes.
Wholesaler: Sorry! All of these items have to be custom shipped to the island. These prices are the best I can do. But I can do you a deal on this pallet of peanuts that I ordered by mistake in 2005.

Panel 2.
Sarah is non-plussed.
Sarah: The island is covered in farms! What do they grow here?
Wholesaler: Potatoes. All other crops are fed to cows. Open a steakhouse, is my advice. Or a fish place.

Panel 3.
Ernst is getting a sulk on but Sarah is trying to work with the wholesaler and his offering.
Ernst: I am NOT opening a steakhouse or a fish place.
Sarah: I'll take two tonnes of potatoes and…How much for the peanuts?

Panel 4.
Sarah and Ernst talking, looking towards the right, facing something outside the panel. In front of them, nude guests of the campsite are walking past, wallets in hands.
Sarah: We did it, Dad! People are lining up for our vegan food!
Ernst: Yeah…

Panel 5.
A row of nudists including Caroline and Cass are queueing for the Stachouwer chip shop. The boys are manning it. There is a big sign listing peanut Satay sauce fries as the main dish. Ernst and Sarah looking from the side.
Ernst: …But it's not really what I had in mind.

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
I actually love satay! It's not an ideal sauce for fries, but it can work and there have been times when I craved just that. As a vegan offering, it's a bit limited. I mentioned in the blog last week that I was about to introduce the wholesaler character into the comic and here he is! We'll see more of him every once in a while.
As mentioned last week, this was originally conceived as the second comic, but it got pushed back in favor of the Halloween comic and then the pandemic-related strips, and then got pushed further back as I struggled to get full-color, full-page comics out in time. In the end, I had to split it in two; the first half was last week's comic. By the way, I'm done with the pandemic for now. Moving on to the summer and let's just assume that everyone on the island is vaccinated.
Back in those very early days, I envisaged the boys as having multiple jobs within the campsite. The reasoning was that while I try to be realistic about how naturism works in the Netherlands, I don't feel I need to be realistic about everything else; let Greyfriar's Isle be a magical place where kids can operate heavy machinery or cook fries if that's what the story calls for. All of the original batch of three one-pagers that I started out with are now finished and published. The production of this one was stretched out over a long time period and it shows a little, but I'm just glad it's done. Moving on to newly-written material.
User comments:
Firefly Jelly edit delete reply
Firefly Jelly
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you potatoes...
Hogan edit delete reply
I really really want to taste Satay now...
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete reply
When we can meet in person again, I'll make mine for you. It's really easy, even when making it from scratch.
Hogan edit delete reply
I'll take you up on that offer! XD
area5.1 edit delete reply
Allergy Warning: May contain nuts
industrialspy edit delete reply
Using locally grown coconuts as well, I hope!