Comic 18 - Vegan Cuisine 1
3rd May 2021, 8:00 AM in Vegan Cuisine
Vegan Cuisine 1
Transcript Panel 1:
In the kitchen. The family of Ernst, Sarah, George and Jamie are around the kitchen table. Ernst is explaining his new plan.
Ernst: Naturism is more than simply being naked. It's about living in harmony with nature, and about wellness and health. Therefore, I've made a decision:
George: This is gonna be good!
Panel 2:
Ernst: to match the character of our campsite, our restaurant should be vegan.
George: Should it, now?
Jamie: [Citation needed], Grandad!

Panel 3:
Sarah backs him up.
Sarah: It could work! All other restaurants on the island are steakhouses or fish places.
George/Jamie in sync: Mmmmmmmm…

Panel 4: Ernst on his way out of the kitchen.
Ernst: We're gonna give this a try. George, get started on some promotional copy. Jamie, you find some recipes online.
Sarah, we're going to the port to talk to a wholesaler.

Panel 5:
Still seated behind the kitchen table, George starts on it at once.
George: “For centuries, the Barons von Stachouwer fed their servants slop from their back yard. This family tradition comes back to life in…”
Jamie: Here’s something called ‘lentil squerd’

Panel 6:
George continues the schtick, while Jamie laughs.
George: … “the classic lentil squerd, which will keep you from starving unless you’d prefer that.”
Jamie: Ha ha ha!

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
New two-parter. I couldn't quite get this done in time as a single page but it works as two shorter strips.
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"Squerd" is a term I learned from the public diaries of one of my favorite musicians, Robert Fripp. It's a dish served during Guitar Craft courses and is basically a vegetable mush like (I guess) a Pease Pottage, to be eaten without asking any probing questions like "what's in this?" and "does it have salt?".