Comic 15 - Loss leader
12th Apr 2021, 8:00 AM in Beach cleanup
Loss leader
Transcript Panel 1.
The beach is clean. Dexter comes back to his family to find his parents still arguing. They have their phones out to do math on. Meya is petting the dog, who is lying on the sand.
Tippe: So, you know, if they all buy drinks, and maybe book an overnight stay and a sports massage…
Jonathan: …we'd still need to sell them a big meal to break even.

Panel 2.
Sarah approaches.
Jonathan: Meanwhile, they're inviting people to a sauna they'll be running anyway. They're only spending-
Tippe: Ssh!
Sarah: Thank you so much for your help! And for bringing in more people. Here are those vouchers my father promised.

Panel 3.
Tippe puts her polite, smiling face on.
Tippe: Why, thank you! It was our pleasure.
Sarah: Hey, those personal trainer sessions - do you still have spots? I'd like to try one.

Panel 4.
Tippe, all smiles, assures Sarah that this won't be a problem. Jonathan tenses up.
Tippe: Sure! You're the first to ask about it, actually!
Jonathan: Ghni!
Dexter: Dad! What's the matter?

Panel 5.
Dexter takes his father aside while Tippe and Sarah make small talk in the background.
Dexter: Dad! What's the matter!
Jonathan: Our PT costs 80 Euros an hour and the only person to sign up works for the competition!
Dexter: The old man has signed up as well. And there's a line forming.
Sarah (background): What a sweet little dog. What's his name?

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
I'm not sure Jonathan deserved this, but it's how he responds. He'll get a win some day, I promise.
Two more short episodes to go in this storyline!
User comments:
MattEldritch edit delete reply
I don't understand the problem in the final panel. Wouldn't the others be paying for the personal trainer, because it sounds like the main guy is worried about money.
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete reply
The sessions are being given away, so they cost him money.
MattEldritch edit delete reply
IC, thank you for explaining.