Comic 14 - Frequently asked questions intensify
29th Mar 2021, 8:00 AM in Beach cleanup
Frequently asked questions intensify
Transcript Panel 1.
Dexter Middelman is picking up trash with George, Jamie and Caroline, who are close to him in age.
Dexter: So you're all from the nudist campsite?
George: Yep! The owner is our grandad!

Panel 2.
Dexter: So how does that work? Are you naked all the time?
George: Yes!
Jamie: No!
Caroline: We're not naked now, are we?

Panel 3.
Dexter: But when you're in there, is it like, *mandatory* to be naked there?
George: Yes!
Jamie: No, but it's expected
Caroline: Only in the sauna, the pool and the razorblade pit.

Panel 4.
Dexter uses his index finger at crotch height to make a suggestive gesture.
Dexter: What if a guy gets… you know?
George/Jamie: That doesn't really-
Caroline: We chop it off and put it on the barbecue!

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
The questions are always the same, aren't they?
This was influenced a little by watching the Dutch show Gewoon Bloot in which children ask questions about human bodies to adults. Prior to broadcast, there was some controversy around it because the adults were nude in it. Having seen the first episode, it turns out to be perfectly pitched for the target age group which is the same age group that these characters are in. I wanted to have the kids ask and answer questions in the same matter-of-fact way, but Caroline had other ideas.
User comments:
Oooooll (Guest) edit delete reply
Think this was a bit too much information, kid. Luckily Caroline don't care. cant wait for this camp is open again for nude adventures.
Firefly Jelly edit delete reply
Firefly Jelly
Another great page! I'd say your layout and panel compositions look effortless, but I know they've taken many years of hard work and practice to hone. Great script writing, too.
Marcel edit delete reply
It doesn't happen because when everybody's nude it becomes normal and not erotic. One time, however I dozed off while lying on my back. When I awoke I felt compelled to roll over onto my stomach.