Comic 13 - Weird Flex But OK
22nd Mar 2021, 8:00 AM in Beach cleanup
Weird Flex But OK
Transcript Panel 1.
Wide (double) Continued from last. Ernst picks up his bullhorn again. In background left, Officer Zwijnstra trudges off, disillusioned.
Ernst: As I was saying, thank you all for helping out. As a token of our appreciation, I have something for you!

Panel 2.
Ernst continues talking off-panel.
Ernst: …vouchers for a free visit to our s auna when we reopen!
Jonathan Middleman's family react to the news.
Jonathan: Ooh!
Tippe: Goddammit!

Panel 3.
Jonathan's wife Tippe cups her hands and yells, startling her husband and sons.
Tippe: And WE are giving away free personal training sessions at our campsite gym!
Jonathan: What?

Panel 4.
Jonathan objects. The kids look on as he argues with his wife.
Jonathan: What are you doing?
Wife: He's turned this cleanup into a promotion for his place! We gotta keep up or he'll poach our clients!

Panel 5.
Jonathan's daughter (Meya) flexes as the parents continue to argue.
Jonathan: Our personal trainer's booked for the season! AND he costs an arm and a leg!
Tippe: Sorry! It was the only thing I could think of!
Meya: He's worth every penny though! Check out these guns!

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