Comic 12 - Martinettery
15th Mar 2021, 8:00 AM in Beach cleanup
Transcript Panel 1.
On the beach. A crowd has gathered and in its center is Ernst, with a stack of trash bags, waste grabbers and a bullhorn.
Around him are Sarah and the kids. Ernst is talking through the bullhorn. Jonathan Middleman and his family are visible in the crowd.
Ernst: Thank you all for coming to the beach cleanup! We will be handing out our supplies and then we can get started. I-

Panel 2.
From off-panel, there is an interruption.
Police officer: Not so fast!

Panel 3.
The police officer reveals himself. He looks a little old-fashioned, in an outdated uniform.
Police officer: This gathering is in breach of the County Ordinance #275 to prevent the spread of the pandemic! Break it up!

Panel 4.
The police officer steps towards Ernst, with his notebook in hand. Behind him, there is a conspicuous empty space.
Police officer: I don't have time to fine everyone, but I can start with the ringleader! Sir, next time you want to organize a gathering, please apply for an exemption using form #122 sub A from-

Panel 5.
Councillor Trudy Schuymer fills the gap behind the police officer brandishing a stack of forms. Her movement suggests that she just popped into the space rather than having run.
Schuymer: -the office of Pandemic prevention and enforcement! Here you are, sorry about the delay!

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
This comics owes a lot to an old full-length Achille Talon (Walter Melon) storyline in which a secret agent did the thing that Gertrude is doing in Panel 5. And to the old kids' animation series Musti which was really good at leaving gaps in its frame blocking for characters to walk into. This made for amazingly calming TV.

Effective immediately and for the foreseeable future, Greyfriar's Isle will run in black and white. This was not an easy choice for me as I love how the color comics look. But it's either this or continuing to be unable to keep up with even one small update per week, which severely limits what stories I can tell. With black and white, I should be able to get more and longer updates out and maybe work on my other comics a bit as well.

Re: the extra bit in the byline: NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have hit the mainstream and within an hour of hearing about them for the first time, I wished I could travel back in time to before I'd heard of them for the first time. My opinion of NFTs is that it's probably a net good to cast any artist using them out from the art community. They are a planet-destroying pyramid scam and I want absolutely nothing to do with them.