Comic 11 - Realism
8th Mar 2021, 8:00 AM in Beach cleanup
Transcript Panel 1
Jonathan Middelman is sitting on his desk talking to his family (wife, son, daughter).
Jonathan: So tomorrow, we're going to help nudie Ernst out with his beach cleanup.
Tippe: What, seriously?
Panel 2.
Wife: Seriously? They got direct access and 3/4 of all the beach. This is going to be their little PR stunt. Why not let them do all the work?
Panel 3.
Jonathan: Because "we" have the best 1/4 of the beach - but not if "our" part is full of garbage and theirs isn't.
Meya: It's not like that has stopped people from going before though!

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
Eh, a downside to using the strip format for storytelling is that sometimes you need to push the story forward more than you need to have a strong punchline. This is one of those occasions, and there'll be more. A slight punching up on the original dialog based on what I now know is coming next, plus a "To be continued…" caption pushed this into acceptable territory
This does give me a chance to show off Jonathan's family a bit. The son is named Dexter, the daughter Meya. Jonathan's wife is called Tippe.
I rushed this update out a bit because it's been two weeks. The Danish and Dutch versions may still be delayed.
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area5.1 edit delete reply
And so the politics start..