Comic 10 - Competition
22nd Feb 2021, 8:00 AM in Beach cleanup
Transcript Panel 1.
Ernst is sitting at the kitchen table at home with a laptop and a phone. Sarah, George and Jamie are standing around him.
Ernst: We're going to do a beach cleanup! But we're not doing this on our own. We'll make some calls. First on our list: Jonathan Middelman of Spoonbill Hights.

Panel 2.
Sarah: The textile campsite? Are you sure about that? He is competition…
Ernst: Eh, I've met him. He seemed like a nice guy and a true professional.

Panel 3.
At the front desk of the campsite Spoonbill Hights, Jonathan Middelman is sitting with his feet on his desk, nail clippers dangling from his hand. He has a supercilious grin on his face as he answers the phone. Behind him, his wife is at work on a desktop computer. A dog sleeps under his desk.
Jonathan: Yo, what's up, hippie?

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Author Notes:
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Introducing Jonathan Middleman of campsite Spoonbill Hights, his wife and his dog.