Comic 85 - Nude Tour 2
Nude Tour 2
Transcript Panel 1.
At the table at Gertrude's house? Or Mycelia's? Or Ernst's? Mycelia's makes the most sense because then no one questions the empty plant pot in the room.
Mycelia, Ernst and Gertrude are present.
Mycelia: So I thought I'd do an outdoor nude tour to the Adamite town and the Adamite cemetery.

Panel 2.
Gertrude is critical.
Gertrude: Don't you think it's disrespectful to your ancestors to turn the cemetery into a tourist attraction?

Panel 3.
Gertrude and Ernst do a double-take as Diluvia emerges from the plant pot and speaks.
Diluvia: It's fine! We've talked it over and she has my approval.

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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
You didn't think I'd leave Diluvia and the wraiths of the Adamites hanging, did you?
This one was going to be a quick strip, with only three panels. However, I ended up redrawing the whole thing, then redrawing parts of it a second time.
User comments:
Daniel J Drazen (Guest) edit delete reply
I remember a LAW & ORDER ep where Detective Seretta tells his partner about an annual cleaning of Grandma and Grandpa's grave, Then the wash the stone, spread a cloth, and have a family picnic with grandma and grandpa.