Ernst Stachouwer

Ernst Stachouwer Age: 68.
A descendent of the last count Von Stachouwer, Ernst has been an army officer, travel agent and vintage car dealer before dissatisfaction with existing naturist venues prompted him to start a campsite on the island his ancestor owned. He likes vintage cars, classic rock music, nature conservation and embarking on hare-brained schemes. Ernst grew up on Greyfriar's Isle, in the Stachouwer villa in the dunes, and has no memory of ever not being a naturist. Ernst is a widower who never remarried after his wife passed away.

Sarah Ondank-Stachouwer

Sarah Ondank-Stachouwer Age: 35. Ernst's only daughter. Formerly a raver and wild child, she learned to handle sound mixing at illegal raves, but gave up that life when she became a mom. As a mom to two boys, she's very protective of them but often chafes against the limitations having kids places on her life. Nevertheless, Sarah managed to travel around the world with her sons before joining her old dad in his latest hair-brained scheme, which was the campsite on his ancestral land. She still likes dance music and would go back to the raver lifestyle in a heartbeat. As was the case for with her father before her, naturism was what she grew up with. Her ex-husband was initially less keen but overcame his objections over time. Sarah is divorced and looking for a new partner.

George Stachouwer

George Age: 11. Sarah's son, adopted some time after her divorce, which is why he goes by the Stachouwer name. He admires no one more than his grandfather and is a committed naturist, though he loves the culture and the feeling of belonging more than the nudity per se. He lives at the Stachouwer villa with his mother, brother and grandfather, and acts as the spokesperson of the campsite whenever the adults will let him. He loves being with his friends, the beach and the water, and supports any organisation that seeks to preserve the islands's pristine natural beauty.

Jamie Ondank

Jamie Age: 11. Sarah's son with her ex-husband. Compared to his brother, Jamie is the more cautious and introverted one who prefers to keep to himself. Nevertheless, he is one of the terrible trio with his brother and their friend Caroline, because he figures he will still be able to read with just one eye if it comes to that. He loves growing and cooking extremely hot peppers, running, birdwatching and cardamom-flavoured tea.

Alderman Geertruyda (Trudy) Schuymer

Trudy Age: 48. A member of the local council of the island's only village, and by extention of the whole island. Trudy has been extremely supportive of revitalising nude recreation on the island, in part because she believes it will bring much needed tourist money to Greyfriar's Isle, but also because she and her daughter, like about 75% of the islanders, have always used the nude beach. Trudy has an encyclopedic knowledge of the island's by-laws as well as its traditions, and is extremely good at having signed permits on hand that the other characters may need. There are limits to her willingness to bend the rules, but so far Ernst hasn't found them. Because there is no death certificate on file for her husband, Trudy is believed to be divorced.

Caroline Schuymer

Caroline Age: 11. It is not technically correct to call Caroline a rule-breaker; she chooses to remain entirely unaware of any rules that may affect her. Her attitude to rules is like a bullshitter's attitude to the truth; coincidentally, she has a good line in bullshit as well. She spends so much time at the campsite that everyone thinks she lives there with the Stachouwer boys, and most of that time, she's right in George's personal space. Her favorite book is an old catalog of fish, which she has annotated to indicate which fish are good for slapping people with. Otherwise, despite her nerdy appearance, she does not read.

Cass Gwenhaëlle Caerns

Cass Age: 23. Cass is a van-dwelling nomad and influencer who has moved onto the campsite and does odd-jobs there. She spends her entire summer on the campsite, only getting dressed to shop for groceries. From getting up at dawn to do her yoga practice, to crashing in her van after nightfall, her days are packed with video making, music, painting, photography, and a variety of sports she can do at the campsite and on the beach. Some time after the equinox, she goes south. She prefers for people to think her name is Cassandra, because it's actually Bécassine.

Mycelia Spore