30 Days of Characters
by ReinderDijkhuis
I took part in 30 Days of Characters last month, and some of the character designs I came up with were intended for Greyfriar's Isle. So prepare to see the following characters in the comic this year:

Apple-faced lady
The Apple-faced Lady. You may have seen her already during the Beach Cleanup storyline but this is an attempt to settle on her design. I don't know her name, just like I don't know the name of the real person she's based on, who I see walking her dog from time to time. She's always friendly towards me and my dogs.
I'm trying to create elderly characters without relying too much on stereotypes of old age. This woman does not wear her hair in a bun or a perm, does not wear thick glasses on the reg and does not use a cane.
The Wholesaler
This guy will turn up really soon. He is a wholesaler on Greyfriar's Isle. He is not particularly good at his job, so he's usually out of items other people on the island need. That's… pretty much all there is to him! The image I had in my head before I drew him reminded me of an existing comic character from someone else, but I couldn't remember who until I actually started this drawing. I now think it's Boerke/Dickie by Belgian artist Pieter de Poortere. So next time I draw him, I will know what to move away from.
Hardware Store Girl
I don't know when this character will turn up.I first drew this character while trying out designs for Meya Middleman. The look wasn't right for the characters I was working on at the time but she got a good response from people who saw the exploratory sketches so I thought she might work as someone else. At the time, I thought of her as Farm Girl but that's not quite right. While she is available for contract work on farms, harvesting potatoes if an extra machine operator is needed, her main work is in a hardware and DIY store on Greyfriar's Isle. Unlike the Wholesaler, she is helpful, efficient and effective so if the plot calls for a job to be done without problems, this is the NPC you need. She is a cousin of Mycelia Spoor, who runs a small private museum on the same island, and they are sometimes seen together outside work situations.
Tippe Middelman
I wasn't happy with how Tippe Middleman looked in the Beach Cleanup storyline; I wasn't getting her facial features right consistently, and her dress style didn't fit the high-strung personality she developed when I started writing for her. So in this revised design, she's gone from having pink, loose-fitting, pajamas-like jogging gear to a more form-fitting athleisure style.
Tippe Middleman is the co-owner of a luxury campsite on Greyfriar's Isle with her husband. Originally focused on clients into outdoor activities such as birdwatching, the owners' interest in fitness has resulted in the development of an advanced gym on the campsite premises, complete with a personal trainer who comes in from the mainland several times a week, and the place now effectively doubles as a fitness center. Tippe and her husband have learned the hard way to balance competitiveness with a high-quality service but this has made them very stressed out and Tippe in particular is prone to impulsive decisions and fits of anger as a result.
This pose was harder than it looked because the action lines are ambiguous. Must think of some alternatives for when she's doing the Karen strut. (Maybe pull that left arm outward a little more so the hand is not across her torso, dum-dum!)
Eisso Klop
Eisso Klop is the last person in the country to bear the title of Postmaster, at least officially. Greyfriar's Isle has had its own postal system since the 19th century. For much of that time, the title of Postmaster was just a fancy local affectation but in the era of modern delivery companies, it has ironically become meaningful, because all the modern delivery companies stop at the ferry. From there on, it's up to the Greyfriar's Isle Postal Service's only employee to make sure that letters and parcels actually get there in time. So for the time being, the combination of life under COVID lockdown and the ongoing contracts with the likes of Amazin', Deets-L, Marktsplat and have kept Mr. Klop very busy and well-funded. Nevertheless, policy makers on the island expect that the title of Postmaster will be retired with Mr. Klop, whenever that happens.
Mr. Klop himself is only about 30 years old and very fit especially considering he's never seen the inside of a gym in his life. He has an efficient energy in his movements, but often appears world-weary and older than his years when he calms down. One day when he'd had a little too much Beerenburg, he talked at length about his belief in reincarnation and mentioned that he thought he'd lived hundreds of mostly ordinary lives, and a handful of truly epic ones.
The Personal Trainer
The personal trainer at the Middlemans' textile campsite, who may or may not be featured in a story.