Comic 30 - Sprinkle
10th Sep 2021, 8:00 AM in Short takes, part 2
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Author Notes:
ReinderDijkhuis edit delete
Many nudist comics are set in tropical or at least hot locations. Mine is set in a country where people have historically felt the need to write punk rock songs protesting the weather. So this episode is a case of me keeping it real.
User comments:
Hogan edit delete reply
Yes Cass, you are living in the right part of the world for that allright! XD
Kevin_Redcrow edit delete reply
I live in a part of the US that when other Americans hear the name, they automatically think and say "rain".

When people here complain about rain, I'm almost sure they moved here from somewhere else.

These complainers cannot understand why I laugh at them.

Daniel J. Drazen (Guest) edit delete reply
And there's John Lennon's "Rain."
burstlion edit delete reply
Very fun! I love her happy attitude toward the rain - I like the sound of the rain, but I don't much like getting rained on. Then again, that's mostly because I don't like damp clothes, so maybe she's on to something here!
jherazob edit delete reply
Considering that i just cannot be naked for more than a few minutes under 20ÂșC, yes, yes she is very lucky...